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Do you love jewelry?

Do you love FREE jewelry?

Home showings are a great way to get together with a few friends and colleagues in the privacy of your own home and enjoy a personalized jewelry shopping experience. My jewelry shows are designed as Open Houses, creating a relaxed and fun atmosphere where you can share your love and discovery of OoLaLa Jewelry with your friends and family. There is no lengthy presentation, no sales pitch and no pressure! At most of my home show guests are treated to my newest designs and styles that may not yet be available on my website! Door prizes are given away at every party. My hostess rewards are very generous! For hosting the home show, my hostess receives a percentage of sales credit towards her own purchase, as well as a discount! Also, as a thank you to my hostesses, they receive a free gift of their choice of any item up to $50.00 value!

10% of sales up to $200- $499
$20-$50 FREE Jewelry plus 10% discount!
15% of sales from $500 - $999
$50 - $150 FREE Jewelry plus 15% discount!
20% of sales over $1000
$200 FREE Jewelry plus 20% discount!


At each party where sales reach $1000, the hostess may also receive an item of her choice at *half price .

*Some exclusions may apply: Retail cost of item may not exceed $150, Free Jewelry dollars cannot be applied to half price items