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"Granmammy" - starting at $69 per strand

"Granmammy" - starting at $69 per strand

 Celebrate your special family with this beautiful grandmother's bracelet.
Choose from either heart blocks or girl/boy blocks to represent children,
grandchildren, and/or great-grandchildren with each one's birthstone crystal!

Up to 7 blocks per strand on a 7 inch bracelet
Up to 8 blocks per strand on a 7 1/2 inch bracelet.
Bracelets can be up to 5 strands!

$69 per strand

925 Sterling Silver~14K Gold Filled Beads~Swarovski Crystals~Sterling Bali Beads

Pictured below: (options) Toggle #3, "Grandmother" Heart charm, cross charm

Price: $69.00
Style :
Number of Strands:
Grandmother's Name:
Number of Grandchildren:
Girl/Boy Blocks and Birthstone Crystals :
Bracelet Length:
Toggles:  Select one :
Charms: Select one:
Second Charm :
Third Charm:
Ornate Cones and
Decorative Beads
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Birthstone Dangles $2 each: Select Color by month
Birthstone dangle #2:
Birthstone dangle #3:
Birthstone dangle #4:
Birthstone dangle #5:

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