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Engraved Family Bracelets
Engraved Family Bracelets ~ Heirloom Bracelets ~ Family Bracelets


An exclusive to OoLaLa Jewelry, and my most popular bracelet, this stunning engraved bracelet  is a wonderful way to celebrate your family, wedding or anniversary. 
The disks can be engraved on BOTH sides making the engraving possibilities endless...

For a Mother: engrave one to six children, husband's and wife's initials, parents initials,
or even dogs & cats - I engraved my Jack Russels names on the back of my bracelet!
For a Grandmother: engrave her children on one side and grandchildren on the other!
For a Bride: engrave the bride and groom's names on one side,
and the church, date, and wedding song on the other!
I have alot of different engraving ideas for any size family,
so email me or call me, I'd love to help you design your own engraved bracelet!

This bracelet can be made with three to five disks, depending on the size!

"Ashley" $299
Price: $299.00
"Meg" - $259
Price: $259.00
"Marion" $249
Price: $249.00
"Maureen" $259
Price: $259.00
"Colby" $259
Price: $259.00